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I get a lot of questions about the site, here are some of the answers

How long has the site been up
Since 2003, in 2016 revamped and removed many pages and changed the focus to the Classic era
with a focus on the history side

Are all the pictures and articles still available from the old site
Yes, you can access through the Internet Wayback Archive

Why did you change the focus from the later era and what is the cutoff
I was very fortunate to be given an outstanding collection of photos and memorabilia that deserves to be shared
The site now covers from the 1930's to 1984, cutting off when the office switched from NWA to WWF
We will still feature from the 70's and early 80's era but with the focus on the history side

Do you have video/dvd of Toronto bouts
Most of what I have is readily available out there on youtube and ebay
on the main page there is a link to a fan's MLW page on youtube

Can I contribute to the site
I am always thankful when fans send me photos or scans I can use
Just send them to the contact at bottom of the page and I will credit you
same if you want to add or correct any info to the articles

Will the site remain ad free
Yes ! I hate intrusive pop-ups and pop-unders and surveys and all of that when surfing
I will always keep free of such stuff

What happened to the Links page
Many of the sites are now inactive, Facebook has become an easier way to share for many
My favorite sites are listed on the main page

Do you have results for Toronto and other cities
Yes I have complete results for Toronto and Oshawa and partials for many other Ontario towns
The Oshawa results are posted on the main page as are the Richmond Hill cards
Gary Will has some complete Toronto years on his site, temporarily off-line but accessible off the main page
I no longer type out the results but if you are looking for a card or wrestler drop me a line

I have a relative/friend who was a wrestler do you have anything about them
You can try me, if they worked in the area chances are I have stuff.
It has been great to hear from family of wrestlers and feature them on the site

How much more nostalgia is there to add to the site
Tons ! there are 2 large totes full of scrapbooks, photos, etc from the classic era
and I have a large collection from my era , the late 70's early 80's some of which will come back to the site
the MLW Blog also features a lot of stuff from all eras and is updated more with shorter items

The longer pieces on Tunney, Corcoran, etc are mostly sourced from the papers
I have the Globe and Star on microfilm at my local library and now the Star is online with subscription
The Oshawa stuff is off the microfilm from the Oshawa Library
Peterborough, Port Perry, Cobourg, Ottawa library's
Richmond Hill and some of the other towns are sourced from the Ontario Archive, free!

Thanks to all of the contributors over the years, Roger Baker and Griff Henderson special mention
Ed White (aka Johnny Davis/The Spoiler), Gary Will, Michael Cannon, Chris Owens, Mark Eastridge, Jim Painter (aka Big Jim Lancaster), Tim Gerouard (Gerrard), Daren Gleason, Dave O'Halloran, Wes Maidment, Chris Swisher, Mr Thompson, Jerome Mac Donald, Eric Peddle, Chris Drury, Doug McLeer, Pete Jarvis, Rob Elder, Todd Cummer, Greg Oliver, Chris Kovachis and anyone else who has sent me stuff, or helped with articles !

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