-1950 Gord Garrison & Bill Swinton

Its always good to unearth pics or info on the others involved in the promotion
This 1950 shot features Announcer Gord Garrison and Timekeeper Bill Swinton flanking Yukon Eric
Both Garrison and Swinton were well known radio announcers, Swinton worked for CKLB here in Oshawa
as shown here on the Oshawa Historical Site
CKLB is now CKGE-FM - 94.9 , the local Rock station.

Garrison had a long and accomplished broadcast career including
several decades as the radio voice of the Oshawa Generals Hockey team.
As President of CKLB Mr Garrison along with alderman Gord Attersly
opened the 1963 Wrestling season.
An obituary is listed at the Durham Notices site


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