-1950 Ray Villmer and 1952 Ray Villmer

Card Date 50/06/13 Oshawa, ON Oshawa Arena
Fred Atkins W Ray Villmer
Pat Flanagan D Mickey Gold
Billy Stack W Bob Wagner

Ray Villmer would appear regularly in Oshawa from 1949 -1954, and again in 1964
Villmer had tagged with Atkins in Toronto and must have had a falling out to meet up in this grudge bout.

Villmer, mentioned elsewhere as a fine scientific style wrestler also worked in Toronto in this era
with a notable main event bout vs Whipper Watson in Toronto in 1949.

Card Date 52/06/17 Oshawa, ON Oshawa Arena
Hans Hermann W/DQ Whipper Watson
Warren Bockwinkel D Ray Villmer
Pat Flanagan W Abe Zvonkin

The photo shows Ray Villmer drop kicking The Masked Marvel during a tag bout in 1950.
His opponent on the 1952 card Warren Bockwinkel was a frequent visitor to Oshawa during this era.
His son Nick , while working at MLG many times in the late 70's early 80's never made it into Oshawa.


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