-1951 Lord Layton

Card Date 51/06/19 Oshawa, ON Oshawa Arena
Lord Layton W Ski Hi Lee
Tommy O’Toole D Ben Sharpe
Fred Atkins D Mike Sharpe

Lord Athol Layton makes his debut in Oshawa in June 1951
after he had appeared at the previous card to issue an open
challenge accepted by the similarly sized Ski Hi Lee.

He had also debuted at MLG vs Lee in Nov 1950 and would appear in Oshawa for many years with a final bout vs The Sheik in 1975

Layton was still a 'bad guy' at this point, accompanied by his
valet who would interfere with his umbrella to aid his charge.
I can't locate any info on the Valet , if you can help please contact me

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