-1953 Don Leo Jonathon

Card Date 53/07/28 Oshawa, ON Oshawa Arena
The Great Togo W/COR Don Leo Jonathon
Pat Flanagan W Firpo Zbysko (sub for Fred Atkins)
Billy Stack W Man Mountain Dean Jr

The 'Morman Giant' Don Leo Jonathon takes on The Great Togo in July 1953
with Bunny Dunlop calling the action,

Togo was coming off a record setting series with Whipper Watson and was running
roughshod over his opponents throughout the territory.

Jonathon was one of the best of the big men in all of Wrestling History
and a superb athlete, but falls to defeat -like many before- to the hated Togo.

The agile Jonathon had attempted a leap frog over the charging Togo when the villain caught him
with a backdrop ejecting Don Leo over the ropes and hard to the floor, where he was unable to return.

Togo's success in the area would lead him to a World Title bout vs champ Lou Thesz
at Maple Leaf Gardens a little more than a year after this bout.

Jonathon, just a few years into his wrestling career at this point would go to have a Hall of Fame
worthy career entertaining fans up until 1980.


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