-1974 Andre The Giant

Andre takes on the Love brothers in a handicap bout in one of only two
recorded shows for the 1974 season. Three days later on June 23 The Love Brothers
would lose their International Tag Titles at MLG to Billy Red Lyons and Dewey Robertson

Unusual that Andre would not appear at MLG but show up later in the month on Dave
McKigney shows in Ontario. This was the first appearance in Oshawa for The Giant, he would
return five more times between 1974 and 1981 including a 1975 battle vs The Sheik

Card date 74/06/20 Oshawa, ON Civic Auditorium
Handicap Bout: Andre The Giant W/DQ The Love Bros
Tony Parisi W Eric The Animal
Crusader Dewey Robertson/Steve Bolus D Chris Tolos/Lee Henning
The Beast W The Masked Marvel


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