- Billy Stack Photos

We are very fortunate to receive contributions to the site
from Toronto Photographer and Journalist Roger Baker.

Every new photo Roger sends me is an amazing view into the past
and this series is no exception! Thank you Mr Baker

Bowmanville native and Oshawa regular Billy Stack would go on to
referee Toronto bouts for many years after his career wound down.

The photo above from 1967 features Stack officiating a tag bout between The Garvins
and Michele Barone and partner Edouard Carpentier. This was the only appearance of
Terry & Ronnie in Toronto. That's second ref Tiger Tasker to the right

The photo above from 1968 has Stack admonishing a young Rocky Johnson during a
battle with Ivan Kalmikoff

The final photo above from 1967 has Stack and second referee Joe Gollub
at the ropes with Sweet Daddy Siki and partner Bulldog Brower.
Believe this is from the old Maple Leaf Stadium.

Thanks again to Roger Baker for sharing some great history !


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