-Longest Run in Oshawa

Obviously this site is modeled after Gary Will's TWH
If we were to look at the Longest Run in Oshawa similar
to Gary's Toronto's Longest Runs -- The 25-Year Club
the list is close but not an exact copy.

Keeping in mind that wrestling was occurring in Oshawa prior to 1946
(the records are not available at this point) Whipper Watson and Pat Flanagan both
likely had longer tenures as they both debuted in Toronto in the early 1940's.
Local Billy Stack also likely started prior to 1946

Fred Atkins, Pat Flanagan, and Stack also refereed after their active careers were done

Little Beaver debuted Sept 8 1953 in a tag with Tuffy McCrae vs Fuzzy Cupid & Sky Low Low
His final bout in Oshawa was on the last NWA card Aug 8 1983 vs Little Brutus


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