-Masked men

The Masked Wrestlers were always intriguing, only in Wrestling
could you have a participant that was hidden. Trying to figure out who
was under the masks was no easy task unless they were unmasked in the ring.

If we assume that the same wrestlers were under the masks in Toronto
at the same times, and when unmasked there , paralleled the Oshawa scene, those are listed

We will attempt to list and identify each of the masked
performers from Oshawa History, if you can help please contact me

The Red Demon 1947
Unmasked in Oshawa as Red O’Malley

I would further identify George (Red) O'Malley as George (Red) Ryan,
an alternate ring name he used in numerous areas.

J. Michael Kenyon

The Masked Marvel 1948, 1950-1955, 1973-1974
There were serveral MM in the area between 1948-1952
unmasked in Toronto as Lew Reynheer, Lou Newman, and Frank Valois
The Masked Manager (unmasked 1951 as Mayes McLain in T.O.) also
accompanied his charge in Oshawa at that time.

For the 1973-74 seasons another Masked Marvel hit the scene
pictured in the ads as Mil Mascaras' mask with the distinctive M

I believe you are correct in assuming the September 1950 "Masked Marvel"
in Oshawa was Lou (Shoulders) Newman, who not long before had come into the area
from a stint out on the Canadian prairies. And he remained active as the Marvel,
as you note, until unmasked by the Zebra Kid=George Bollas the next year.

J. Michael Kenyon

The Unknown 1950
Unmasked in Oshawa as Abe Zvonkin

The Zebra 1951
Unmasked in Toronto as George Bollas
Bollas returns to Oshawa in 1954 as 'The Zebra Kid' George Bollas - unmasked

The Great Bolo 1959
In Toronto Bolo unmasked as Al Lovelock
Several ads have different pics of Bolo
The one above is used more often, another looks
similar to the Masked Yankee design

The Assassin 1967-68
Masked Assassin unmasked in Toronto in 1971 as Guy Mitchell

There were others, Black Mask, Red Mask, The Masked Yankees (Moose Evans, Bob Stanlee?)
The Mask, Masked Blue Devil (Billy Red?) that will be added once more info is available


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