-Most Bouts in Oshawa

Here we look at the wrestlers who appeared the most for Promoter Pat Milosh between 1946 and 1996.
Again, since there is no microfilm currently available for pre 1946, some of these numbers would change a bit.
The main event list also includes tag bouts.

Pat Flanagan heads the list with 187. Looking at his career he may have been the most prolific worker
in Ontario, at least in the top echelon perhaps alongside Whipper Watson and Fred Atkins.

Atkins makes 2nd place in Oshawa and area while local boy Billy Stack comes in 3rd.

Whipper, Lord Layton, Yukon Eric, and Lee Henning round out the others who appeared at least 45 times.

It's no surprise that Watson had the main event in all but one of his bouts, while Yukon Eric, also
a huge star in his era had all but one of his appearances on top of the card.

Clip from 1949


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